Make Connections

with people you care about

Build relationships that are important to you

without missing out on important moments

Authentically express yourself

with unique greeting cards

The SOS Box Set
The SOS Box Set
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Holiday bottle tag set
Holiday bottle tag set
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Jelly doughnuts
Jelly doughnuts
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What Customers are saying

“I feel like I can send a Queen Fayzel card that ACTUALLY reflects what I want to say, not just the closest thing I could find in the Target card aisle”


 "The reason why I’m drawn to your stuff is the texture. Handmade but better than anything I could make. It feels more special."


“Handmade with love. I've placed several orders and she never disappoints. I always get compliments from the recipient, too."


"They are so unique, sometimes I don't want a cheesy, feel-better card and I love the options you give us!"


Queen Fayzel’s Heartfelt, Sassy Unique Greeting Cards…

  • Allow people to take comfort in being able to show up for the people they love, appreciate, admire, and care about.

  • Help people pause and take a moment of self-care in their busy life, to write and send a heartfelt note.

  • Let people stay connected to friends and family who don’t live near them or they don’t get to see very often.

  • Give people a way to authentically express themselves.

  • Acknowledge none of us like feeling like we’ve dropped the ball — card subscriptions make it so people feel prepared with a card + stamps, ready to celebrate/acknowledge a last-minute birthday or occasion.